Friday, February 13, 2009

Riding the virtual rails

MUDing isn't dead.

Text-based online games are a small niche, but they're still around in spite of the grim prognosis given by many after the advent of graphical MMORPGs. They've been around for decades. Still, some of you reading this have probably never heard of MUDs, MUSHes, MUXes, or MOOs.

That's okay. It's never too late to jump aboard.

I'm the MUDdy Hobo. I'll be your guide through the galaxy of virtual worlds that have been created by imaginative and determined individuals. In this blog, it's my intention to share insights about text-based games, provide reviews and interviews of games and their makers, and to get the word out to the uninformed.

Fun doesn't always come with pretty pictures; sometimes you just make those pictures in your mind.

So, pack a duffel and hop aboard the box car. It's traveling time.

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