Monday, February 16, 2009

Aardwolf: The second session

In the second visit to Aardwolf, I continued my exploration of the Academy's lessons. The economics class came with a bit of a job: The instructor handed me a shopping list that sent me to various stores and even out of the main city, into an orchard and off to a lake.

I gained several levels hanging out in the lake, trying to figure out which mob I had to kill to get the reed flute the lady wanted. Turns out: A shopkeeper near the lake sold the flute. BLURGH! :)

The next lessons dealt with communications and geography - how to talk to other people and how to get around. I'd already been dipping my toes into this a bit with previous lessons, but there's A LOT going on in-game, communication-wise, and these pointers are helpful.

While I continued my education, I observed the activity in the game. It's constant. If you want stimuli that indicates THIS GAME IS LIVELY, you get it. There's always a world quest or a special laser tag contest or some celebratory thing happening, like when someone hits max level and recreates themselves. People are always chatting and gossiping. Personally, I love the noise. For those who don't love it, though, you can silence much of the banter.

After I finished my lessons, I made my way back to the armor merchant and got a few new pieces of gear. Next session, I'll start trying to find my way around in earnest.

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  1. I've had a character on Aardwolf for years. I just don't mud much anymore, or else I'd probably play a lot more often than I do. They're always adding new things, and keep a very close eye on their upper-echeleon characters, putting things in to keep them from getting bored.

    Just look for Arizhel. >.> I'm around once in awhile.